Ways to Kick-Start Your Small Business After Summer

As summer vacations come to an end and the school year begins, it can be easy for your business to fall into a post-summer productivity slump. Here are a few ways to kick-start your business for fall and combat the summer slow-down:

Plan a Team Outing
Team building is one of the most underused techniques to keep teams connected and motivated! Spending time with your team will have a positive ripple effect on the work that they do. Schedule something fun and interactive, preferably out of the office where the team can relax like attending a Phillies game, TopGolf outing or pool party.

Know Your Competition
This is the perfect time to take an objective view of your business and research your competition. Look at your competition online and analyze what they are doing well and areas for potential. Knowing your competition will keep you on top of your industry’s marketing and advertising trends and offer you ideas on how you can improve yours.

Make Moves with Marketing
Just like knowing your competition is crucial, it is just as important to regularly assess your marketing and advertising strategy.

Outsource Your Pain Points
Small business owners cannot possibly do it all themselves! What are your pain points? List out all of the things that have zapped your time and energy this summer and delegate tasks where you can.

Get Out and Network
We cannot stress the importance of networking and creating dedicated time to be out in your community talking about your business. Join local business associations, go to industry events and join Facebook and LinkedIn groups that align with your company goals.

We hope these tips will help give your business a jump-start to the fall season ahead!