The Business of Decision-Making

We make access to reliable real-time
financial data easy.

Our Company

Founded in 2014, Capri Bookkeeping Solutions has had one goal from the outset – to help business owners succeed.

From his days as a Controller, Ethan Capri realized that a key area within any business regardless of industry is having a dedicated accounting team. With this insight, Capri was created to manage one of the essential parts of a company’s finances – recording day-to-day banking and credit card transactions into the correct general ledger accounts. This is done in real time, providing owners with accurate, reliable access to data to make sound business decisions. Your accountant can rely on these same “books” to provide tax planning services and strategies. In short, we are the expert organizing team that lays the foundation of your financials. Today as CEO of his own company, Ethan understands as well as anyone the challenges of juggling every aspect of a business. It is this hands-on expertise that led to the firm’s team approach to bookkeeping.

“Collaboration is one of the biggest benefits we provide our clients. It allows us to offer better strategies, communicate more efficiently and work more productively to help improve your business and your bottom-line.” ~ Ethan Capri

Our Process

At Capri Bookkeeping Solutions, we recognize that every business is unique. In fact, we celebrate it by building individual bookkeeping support solutions based on your company profile and budget.

Dedicated Team

Each Capri client is paired with a dedicated bookkeeping team, including a Full Charge Bookkeeper and Senior Account Manager who provides support and oversight. They work hand-in-hand but also with your inhouse designated staff to provide solutions based on the company’s goals and objectives.

Our Approach

Bookkeeping isn’t for everyone. Team Capri is not only skilled at managing books, but we have a passion for it. Our approach is one of collaboration – from the dedicated bookkeeper who is responsible for working hands-on with each assigned client to our regular in-house roundtable meetings where we share ideas and brainstorm with the goal of always improving service.

Multi-Person Focus

A second set of eyes can rarely hurt. The Capri approach uses a multi-person focus on the day-to-day financials of your business to provoke critical thinking and better strategy. Our teams brainstorm internally resulting in more accurate records, efficient operations and actionable information.

Maximum Feedback

Because Team Capri promotes an open line of communication and is constantly working towards a common goal, we are able to minimize needless communication. Instead, we maximize timely, relevant feedback based on over decades of combined experience in providing bookkeeping support. This innovative team approach ensures you get exceptional service plus accurate, reliable and “real-time” data to make the best possible decisions for your business and your bottom-line.

Shared Resources

At Capri, we promote an in-office work environment which creates a think-tank as Bookkeepers work with each other sharing ideas, collaborating and pooling resources. Many times, a team may find issues on a client’s books that another group has already addressed for another business.

Collectively, with decades of experience, we bring an enterprising spirit, accuracy and reliability to our clients, always striving for exceptional client service and a better approach to bookkeeping.”  ~ Ethan Capri

Executive Management

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Ethan Capri

CEO & Founder
As CEO and Founder of Capri Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC, Ethan is the driving force behind the company and responsible for its strategic growth and scalability. His focus is equally dedicated to business development, client relations and team motivation. When not acting on the company’s vision, Ethan remains hands-on assisting with clients’ books and collaborating with Team Capri daily.
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Andrea Klaus

Chief Operating Officer
Andrea joined Capri Bookkeeping Solutions as a Senior Account Manager and within a few short years rose to be part of the firm’s executive management team. Today as COO, her responsibilities center around managing the office and supporting staff. Andrea is integral in preparing prospective proposals and assisting with the client onboarding process.

Senior Account Managers

Amanda Hafto

Team Capri member since 2020. Amanda graduated Magna Cum Laude with her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Arizona. As a Team Capri Senior Account Manager, Amanda’s daily responsibilities are two-fold – providing excellent bookkeeping and client service while managing and supporting the full charge bookkeepers that report to her. She brings more than 15 years of experience split between positions as an accounts payable and receivable supervisor at an insurance company then the accounting manager for a large wholesale bakery.

Beyond a good cup of coffee, Amanda is driven each day believing relationships matter both personally and professionally. She enjoys cooking, do-it-yourself projects, attending Philly sporting events and traveling with family.

Favorite quote: “Life is not a race – but indeed a journey.”

Colleen O'Hanlon Capri Bookkeeping Outsourced Bookkeeper

Colleen O’Hanlon

Team Capri member since 2015. From day one as a full charge bookkeeper, Colleen has taken pride in working hand-in-hand with clients and co-workers. Her goal – to bring a high level of service and attention to both. As a Team Capri Senior Account Manager, Colleen’s daily responsibilities include providing excellent bookkeeping and client service while managing and supporting the full charge bookkeepers that report to her.

Colleen gives new meaning to the value of hands-on experience and spent 25 years as controller for a local home improvements company. One who believes in giving back, she puts on her sneakers for 5K runs each year in support of various charities. Colleen enjoys taking vacations and spending time with family and friends.

Favorite Quote: “You cannot change the past, but the future is whatever you want it to be.”

Full Charge Bookkeepers

Flor Yomi Castellano

With nearly 20 years managing payables/receivables and a decade processing payroll, the experience Yomi brings to Capri speaks for itself. Today her responsibilities include transaction classification, account reconciliation and AP/AR oversight for multiple clients from varying industries. A licensed New Jersey realtor, Yomi is highly skilled in fostering relationships both with clients and among co-workers.

Yomi has many interests outside of work to include volunteering with the American Red Cross and fundraising for St. Jude’s Hospital. The early riser, whose mornings begin with a cocker spaniel puppy running amuck, enjoys quiet time with her husband and grown children. Currently a resident of Lumberton, Yomi admittedly dreams of someday relocating to the Sunshine State.

Favorite Quote: “Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be WORTH IT.”

Kelli Fishein Capri Bookkeeping Outsourced Bookkeeper

Kelli Fishbein

Team Capri member since 2018. Since joining Team Capri as a part time bookkeeper, Kelli has been assisting clients with all aspects of their “books” – classifying transactions, reconciling accounts and managing payables/receivables. Her work also includes business development to further the firm’s growth. Prior to Capri, Kelli was in the audit department of a large multinational accounting firm and brings more than 20 years of experience. The Villanova graduate and former CPA is a licensed real estate agent and Seniors Real Estate Specialist.

“Live life to its fullest” may seem cliché to some but for Kelli, they are words to live by. Whether membership with the Burlington Counter Regional Chamber of Commerce and NAWBO to support of Legacy Treatment Services and Court Appointed Special Advocate of New Jersey, she is strongly committed to the community. Kelli also makes time for personal interests, including reading, tennis and cooking.

Favorite Quote: “The opposite of love is indifference, the opposite of happiness is boredom.”

Shannon Giuliano Capri Bookkeeping Outsourced Bookkeeper

Shannon Giuliano

Team Capri member since 2021. As a full charge bookkeeper at Capri, Shannon’s strengths lie in her personality and her ability to multi-task. Shannon provides superior client service in her attention to detail and by working closely with her accounts, clients, and tax accountants to maintain the accuracy of the day- to day books. Shannon has worked in the banking and accounting industry for more than 10 years. Prior to joining Capri, Shannon worked in the accounting department for a foreclosure law firm, managing both accounts receivables and payables.

Shannon is a rock-star mother of two and stepmother of three and is always on the go! Whether it’s going to basketball games, never ending doctors’ appointments or just the everyday home routine. Shannon and her husband enjoy spending time together doing a variety of activities, including going to the movies and trying new dinner spots. Shannon is especially fond of Mexican food.

Shannon takes a lot of pride in everything she does and holds herself to a high standard. She is always striving for as close to perfection as possible.

Favorite Quote: “Follow your heart.”

Michelle Goad Capri Bookkeeping Outsourced Bookkeeper

Michelle Goad

Team Capri member since 2022. After years working as an office manager and administrative assistant where bookkeeping was one part of her daily routine, Michelle decided to focus solely on the numbers and joined Team Capri as a full charge bookkeeper. Maintaining accurate books may be the end goal but along the way, her attention to detail is evident. Each day she is responsible for receiving and paying bills, categorizing transactions and running payroll for a multitude of clients.

Michelle is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor’s in psychology. That may not seem like the most traditional start for a skilled bookkeeper, but she thrives on learning everything new. It is what gets Michelle up each morning as there are no two days or clients the same at Capri. When not working, she enjoys hiking, traveling and reading – all pastimes that feed her thirst for exploration and new experiences.

Favorite Quote: “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”

Jennifer Hagan Capri Bookkeeping Outsourced Bookkeeper

Jennifer Hagan

Team Capri member since 2018. It was 2010 when Jennifer began in her words “keeping the books” whether in-house at a local pest control company or for a multitude of clients at Capri. Managing accounts receivables, paying client expenses and filing sales tax are just some of her responsibilities as a full charge bookkeeper. Jennifer’s attention to detail alongside past work as an office manager contributes to her strength in providing the best possible service.

It may be an alarm clock that gets Jennifer up for work, but any other day it is swimming and barbeques with family and friends. She is also a fan of TV series from true crime documentaries to countless favorites on Netflix and Apple TV.

Favorite Quote: “It is what it is. Can’t sweat the small stuff.”

Dana Hayes Capri Bookkeeping Outsourced Bookkeeper

Dana Hayes

Team Capri member since 2023. As a full charge bookkeeper at Capri, Dana puts experience to work for her varied accounts, providing superior client service while taking a deliberate approach to each company’s books. This includes assistance with bill pay, payroll and other tailored bookkeeping needs. Before becoming part of Team Capri, Dana spent 14 years as an office manager for a local employer where she was responsible for both bookkeeping and providing financials.

For Dana, getting up in the morning is easy with a new kitten and that early playtime ahead of breakfast is a refreshing start to the day ahead. Work may be a big part of her world, but she saves time to enjoy swimming, shopping and wine tasting. Dana is driven by her dreams and what the future holds.

Favorite Quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Mary Johnston Capri Bookkeeping Outsourced Bookkeeper

Mary Johnston

Team Capri member since 2023. Mary is someone who believes in the value and result of hard work. As a full charge bookkeeper and member of Team Capri, she is determined to meet clients’ needs whether it is classifying transactions, reconciling accounts or managing bill pay. Prior to joining Capri, Mary worked as an assistant bookkeeper with a national law firm founded in New Jersey. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Outside of work, kids are a big part of Mary’s world. Hearing her youngest calling from downstairs with the smell of coffee brewing is the perfect start to each day. When not playing with her kids, she can be found baking or shopping.

Favorite Quote: “Excuses make today easy but tomorrow harder. Discipline makes today hard but tomorrow easier.”

Valerie Nastasi Capri Bookkeeping Outsourced Bookkeeper

Valarie Nastasi

Team Capri member since 2021. Valerie may be considered a bookkeeping veteran with more than 17 years of experience and one who shares her knowledge servicing Capri clients and collaborating with co-workers. Each day, she is responsible for maintaining bookkeeping records for more than 20 accounts, categorizing bank transactions, managing accounts payable and providing invoicing assistance. This detailed daily oversight leads to accurate monthly reconciliations and year end books.

While many may fear change, for Valerie the idea of taking chances is what gets her day started – that and her cat looking for breakfast. The Mount Laurel resident enjoys walking and hiking, true crime podcasts and puzzles when not managing the “books” for others.

Favorite Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Stacey Silvestro

Team Capri member since 2023. Stacey has been handling companies’ “books” for more than 10 years, holding titles of AP/AR Specialist, Office Manager and Controller before joining Team Capri. Her broad perspective combined with understanding the need for detail when it comes to classifying transactions, reconciling accounts and managing payables/receivables offers invaluable insights for clients.

Family is a big part of Stacey’s life. A proud member of the Army West Point Parents Club, she views each member of her family as mentors with unique thoughts which together helping navigate new and different circumstances. The Voorhees resident, who is also licensed in cosmetology and hairstyling, enjoys cooking, sitting by the pool and a great cup of coffee to start the day.

Favorite Quote: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

Elizabeth (Liz)Small

Team Capri member since 2023. Liz is a seasoned bookkeeper who brings years of experience to Team Capri and her assigned clients. This includes managing accounts receivables/payables, classifying transactions and ensuring each clients’ books are up-to-date. The former bookkeeping manager with a local accounting firm has her bachelor’s degree in business administration and information systems and she is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Liz also spent years working with money management and brokerage holding series 7 and 63 licenses.

For Liz, her favorite quote says it all. But it’s the idea of starting a new day with a nice dog walk that gets her up each morning. Other interests include pottery, yoga and gardening.

Favorite Quote: “Family first.”

Bookkeeping is our business and your business is our priority.

You will be assigned an Account Manager responsible for maintaining your account. We also have a team of bookkeepers who assist the Account Manager as needed.

Yes, we encourage your tax accountants involvement from the beginning. We work closely with the client and tax accountant throughout the year.

Although QuickBooks Desktop is capable, we do recommend converting to QuickBooks Online for most clients. QuickBooks online allows for easier collaboration when working with outsourced bookkeepers.

Yes, we will do the conversion for you during the onboarding process.

Yes, this is another advantage of using QuickBooks Online. You can also assign roles and permissions based on the users level of access.

We will work with any payroll provider you choose.

Part of our onboarding process is to determine a meeting frequency that best suits you and your business needs.

No, all of our services can be provided remotely. However, our office is always open if we need an in-person meeting.