Capri Client Spotlight | Our Community Salutes

We’re excited to introduce one of our newest clients this month, Our Community Salutes. May is Military Appreciation Month so there is no better time to highlight the important work Our Community Salutes is doing to support the next generation of patriots. Read on for our recent Q&A with OCS Founder and President Kenneth Hartman.

Q. Tell us about the Our Community Salutes mission.

We’re a national, non-profit organization supporting high school seniors who plan to enlist into the U.S. Armed Services following graduation.

Q. What should we know about the OCS?

I founded OCS in 2009 to provide enlistees and their parents with guidance, information, resources and community support from like-minded enlistees and parents as their son or daughter transition into military service.

Our Community Salutes includes community leaders, government officials, educators, businessmen, and veterans who feel strongly in the importance of community support and recognition of the patriotic young adults who will enlist in the military after graduation.

Q. What communities do you serve?

Since 2009, OCS enlistee recognition ceremonies have been held in 25 states by local communities in banquet halls, auditoriums, and sports arenas from New York to California, with tens of thousands of people attending in appreciation of the young men and women of OCS entering military service.

Q. How is OSC funded?

Our mission is sustained by the generosity of individuals like you.

Q. Tell us about the events that support OSC and how people can get involved.

America Salutes 2021 is our annual High School Enlistee National Recognition Ceremony airing May 15th at 3:00 PM EST to recognize and celebrate the graduating seniors who have decided to join the military. It’s free to attend!

Send a Virtual Thank You Card to the Class of 2021

We also encourage supporters to Say “Thank You” to the high school graduate Class of 2021 who are joining the U.S. Armed Services after graduation. Our goal is to get 1 million Americans to sign the virtual card and show their appreciation and support for these young patriot’s decision to serve our nation.