5 Steps to Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan for Small Business

Social media marketing plays an important role in creating relationships with customers and building brand awareness for your small business. If you’re just getting started on social here are a few simple steps to help you succeed online.

Audit your Previous Social Media Performance

Know what you currently look like online. Do you have a social media presence at all? Have you been posting consistently? Make note of your current statistics including followers, engagement and number of posts. This will be a good benchmark as you move forward with a new social media plan.

Define your Social Media Marketing Goals

What are your goals for utilizing social media for your small business? Do you want to increase brand awareness, gain website traffic or generate new leads? Understanding these goals will help determine the type of content you post.

Create Audience Personas

Identify your audience and create personas based on them. You’ll want to post content that speaks directly to your audience’s personas.

Identify Distribution Channels and Key Times to Post

Now that you have a handle on your social media goals and audience you can determine which channels are best for your business. Will you reach your audience on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or Youtube?

Check out Your Competitors

Be sure to take a look at your competitor’s online and check in on what resonates with you and your audience. This can be a great benchmark for success.