Capri Client Spotlight | FBI Agents Association

We’re excited to welcome the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) to Capri Bookkeeping Solutions! The FBIAA provides support and advocacy to more than 14,000 active and former FBI Special Agents. We’re proud to work with this exceptional organization and recently sat down with Jean K. O’Connor FBIAA Executive Director to learn more about their mission.

Q. Tell us about the FBI Agents Association mission and history?
The FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) is an organization founded in 1981 with a mission to advance & safeguard the careers, economic interests, conditions of employment and welfare of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agents & retired FBI Agents. We fulfill this mission by providing support and advocacy to more than 14,000 active and former FBI Special Agents. 

Q. What should we know about the FBIAA?
The FBIAA National Executive Board is made of Agents elected by their peers to represent Agent issues as well as on Capitol Hill. This board is divided into regions which cover the geographical United States. Each of the 56 Field Offices has a local Chapter Representative, who brings concerns and ideas to the National Executive Board. This makes the FBIAA truly an organization which represents the Field Agents throughout the country.

Q. What services do you provide FBI agents and what are some of the FBIAA’s accomplishments.
The services to members of our organization include internal advocacy within the Bureau, legal representation, legislative advocacy and financial support to members, offered through both the Memorial College Fund and the Member Assistance Fund.  A couple of the hi-lights are below:

• On a bi-annual basis the FBIAA honors Special Agents for exemplary work on cases.  These awards are very meaningful as they are recognition by the honorees’ peers.

• Lobbied to pass the Sam Hicks Act, granting statutory authority to the heads of federal law enforcement agencies to assist the families of 1811s killed in the line of duty with relocation costs, should they need to move back home.

• Vigorously worked to have accumulated sick leave under FERS credited to an employee’s length of service for pension calculation purposes.

• Successfully urged Congress to extend the 9/11 Victims’ Compensation Fund through 2092.  Worked to have those lost to 9/11 illnesses recognized as line of duty deaths. The FBI has lost 17 employees related to illnesses from exposures during the response to the three crash sites, and have dozens more who are currently ill.  

Q. Tell us about the Memorial College Fund and Membership Assistance Fund.
The FBIAA maintains both the FBIAA Memorial College Fund (MCF) and the FBIAA Membership Assistance Fund (MAF), including the SA Jeffrey Drubner Legacy Fund. Contributions to both funds are tax deductible.  

The MCF was created following two tragic incidents resulting in the loss of five Special Agents of the FBI.  The MCF provides financial assistance to the children and spouses of deceased FBI Agents in obtaining a collegiate level education. The MCF currently provides approximately 75% of the annual cost of attending college for the fund recipients. This fund has assisted over 250 students reach their dream of a college education.

The MAF was established for the purpose of providing financial assistance to Association Members and their families who have been affected by a sudden unforeseen tragedy or catastrophic event.  The impetus for the MAF was the donations received by the FBIAA to assist the FBI victims of Hurricane Katrina, a series of California wildfires, and a terrorist attack in Pakistan. The formal establishment of this fund allows the generosity of the donors to be properly recognized and to provide assistance those Special Agent Members in need.

The SA Jeffrey Drubner Legacy Fund was initiated by a former New York Field Office Agent to recognize the sacrifices made by Agents and to assist their families following a line of duty death.   The Fund was expanded to assist Special Agents shot and wounded in the line of duty during adversarial action. These injured agents receive financial assistance from the SA Jeffrey Drubner Legacy Fund.

Q. Why did you decide to seek bookkeeping services?
The FBIAA decided to use a bookkeeping service as a way to manage the small number of employees working at the FBIAA. Capri came very highly recommended by a member of the FBIAA. Hiring a trusted bookkeeping service allows us to focus on providing services to our members, while outsourcing part of our administrative duties.   

Q. Tell us about your experience working with Capri so far?
Our experience with Capri has been very positive.  The service provided to the FBIAA was tailored to our requirements. Amanda is very responsive to our daily and weekly needs by preparing our payments, reconciling our accounts, and ensuring that we are accurately accounting for our income and expenses.