Tips for Building the Best Team for Your Small Business

One of the most essential steps to building a successful small business is having the right team working along side you! Here at Capri Bookkeeping Solutions, our team is poised for success and it’s for good reason. I believe in hiring a staff that shares my values both personally and professionally. I also know that setting up my team for success is in my business’s best interest and my clients. Today I’m sharing some of my tips for building a winning team within your small business.

Hire the Right Team
The first step is to identify and understand the culture you are building within your company. What are your priorities as a business owner? What are the qualities that resonate with you and your business? Once you’ve identified the company culture, you can choose qualified candidates that fit perfectly within your values.

Empower and Motivate 
After onboarding your new team members and acclimating them to your company process, it’s important to check-in, provide feedback and encourage them. Offering advice as well as motivating your team is part of being a good leader and a way to create an environment for success.

Invest in Your Team
To successfully grow your business, you need to invest in your team. It’s a win-win for both you and your staff. As you provide new outlets, projects and responsibilities to team members, they can flourish within their careers and your business thrives. 

–Ethan Capri, Founder and CEO, Capri Bookkeeping Solutions