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You will be assigned an Account Manager responsible for maintaining your account. We also have a team of bookkeepers who assist the Account Manager as needed.

Yes, we encourage your tax accountants involvement from the beginning. We work closely with the client and tax accountant throughout the year.

Although QuickBooks Desktop is capable, we do recommend converting to QuickBooks Online for most clients. QuickBooks online allows for easier collaboration when working with outsourced bookkeepers.

Yes, we will do the conversion for you during the onboarding process.

Yes, this is another advantage of using QuickBooks Online. You can also assign roles and permissions based on the users level of access.

We will work with any payroll provider you choose.

Part of our onboarding process is to determine a meeting frequency that best suits you and your business needs.

No, all of our services can be provided remotely. However, our office is always open if we need an in-person meeting.

Bookkeeping is our business and your business is our priority.

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We have been using Capri Bookkeeping for many years. We are incredibly pleased with their service. Our bookkeeping is always current and reconciled. It is such a pleasure working with them.

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